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Our Offerings in  Managed IT Services 

Managed Servers

Managed Services for the servers provide  proactive care to maintain the availability , performance and security of servers.

  • Increase Uptime of Servers with 24×7 Monitoring
  • Increased Perfomance of the Servers
  • Quick resolution of problems
  • Patch Management 
  • On Prem/Cloud/Hybrid
  • Support or all Hypervisors – VMWare, HyperV, Nutanix AOS, Xen Server











Managed Network Services

Managed Network service provides the proactive care and  support for Networking Infrastructure of your IT. Network is the backbone and one small problem in one component of network can impact the whole network. So we take care of all:

  • All network devices get supported e.g. Switches, Firewalls, Routers.
  • Network Devices Monitoring 24×7
  • Support for Wireless infrastructure 
  • Support for Changes in network as per business requirements
  • Network Configuration as per best practices
  •  Quick Resolution for problems












Managed Backup Services


Managed Backup Services provides the assurance that backup is working properly all the times. 

Organizations are getting hit hard by ransomware attacks, natural disasters can happen and system crashes keep happening . Backups can protect you from all threats.


  •  Provides you backup of all critical data.
  • Backup as per Organization Policy and best practices
  • Daily Monitoring of Backup Jobs 
  • Verification of Backups by restoration testing











Managed Email and Telephony

Emails ,telephony , messaging are the  essential medium of communication among business users. Poor email systems effects productivity and reputation of business. But Emails can also be source of security threats. So well managed email system is must for every business.

Managed E-Mail Services:

  • User and Mailbox management
  • distribution lists, Spam control
  • E-mail backup

Telephony Support:

  • PBX administration,
  • Users and Extensions, messaging etc
  • Managing Telephone Lines



Security Services

Majority of the data breach happens because of the vulnerabilities in endpoints and servers . They can be fixed by applying some  configurations , patches and monitoring.

We keep security at prime to keep you protected from the threats due to lack of new updates and fixes.

  •  Auditing of User Logons , User account changes
  • Microsoft and third party patches
  • Endpoint security Updates and configurations
  • Firewall Administration to maintain the websites and application control









Desktop and End User Support

Every business depends on its employees for the productivity and modern work environment demands the best IT applications and tool. Organization can provide them best applications and tools but still they need the reliable  and problem free endpoints and and when IT problems comes users must get support quickly.

  • Instant Support and resolution 
  • Users can contact our team on live support chat
  • Centralized and Standardized  Policies for all Endpoints
  • Asset Management
  • Patch Management












Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring Services provide the monitoring of your complete IT Infrastructure critical components. Our Team will monitor it and provide the necessary support for the problems. 

  • 24×7 Monitoring 
  • Servers Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Historical Reports

Value Added Services

Infrastructure Documentation

We maintain the details of your complete IT Infrastructure in one document , which helps you to understand your enviroment easily anytime.

Document for complete Infrastructure overview

Severs and Network Architecture Diagrams

Inventory Details

GAP Analysis and Consultancy

This service provides the assessment of your current status of IT Infrastructure. Its basic objective is to  find the weak areas  and suggestion to improve them.

Provided once in a year

Gives you current health and roadmap

Assessments as per the industry best practices

We believe a Strong IT Infrastructure is must for Digital Transformation.

Our Managed IT Services empowers your IT , so that your business growth and IT remain in sync.

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On Call Support for Desktops,Laptops

On Call Support for Servers and Network

This service is only break fix support


24×7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Incident Support for all Problems

End User Support


24×7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Managed Service for Servers and Network

End User Support 

IT Strategy and Annual Planning

Continous Improvement

IT Security 

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