Power MyIT for Small IT Environment

Companies with 1-50 IT Users

Your business is growing, and so is your IT Environment. It needs proper care, yet it is not that big that you need a full day IT engineer for management and support. Here’s our offer for you -

A Virtual IT Team with Process and Tools.

We are providing the Power MyIT ITSM for companies like you with focus on Availability, Performance and Security of IT.

Why Power MyIT ITSM?

Big or small, every business depends on IT. Your data is your intellectual asset to be protected, your IT should have minimum downtimes to provide the quality services to your customers.

Here are some unique benefits, which differentiates us from other MSPs.

  • Strategic Approach – We do not believe in break fix service. We work with a more proactive approach to improve IT Environment and keep it aligned with business needs. We focus on the three pillars of IT – Availability, Performance and Security to provide you seamless IT experience.
  • Skilled Support Team – The skills of a single It support engineer can be limited. With us you have the competences of a well-trained, experienced team of support engineers at your service.
  • The Right support Process – Best results can come only when we follow the right processes. We align our services as per the best practices in IT support recommended by ITIL.
  • IT Service Management Application – Along with the support team, we also provide you an ITSM application, included within our package. This consists of modules like helpdesk, asset management, 24×7 network monitoring, risk assessment, backup monitoring, etc. So, you
  • MyIT Mobile App – Our Support Team is available for you and your team through Mobile App. Our Mobile App has modules Know – Manage – Improve to provide you all details of your IT environment and the improvement areas, risks.

Recommended Power MyIT Plan

Power MyIT ITSM Mega/Giga Plan is made for the companies who have small IT Infrastructure who do not need a full day IT Support presence.