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IT Service Management or ITSM is the process of ensuring that the three pillars of IT – Performance, Availability and Security are taken care of with the right combination of people, process, and technology. Long story short, ITSM optimizes the value-driven deliverance of IT services in an organizational setup.

More than 70% of the businesses in today’s times are moving towards Digital Transformation, and that needs an ALWAYS AVAILABLE IT to keep their businesses running smoothly. ITSM plays a key role in accomplishing this need.

Delving deep into ITSM, it includes end-to-end IT service delivery along with the processes used for optimizing, securing, monitoring, delivering, and supporting IT services in an organization. Eg. Incidents like Desktop running slow or Service Requests like installation of a new device in the workspace of the organization.

Here are five metrics against which businesses need to mark their IT Service Management process:

  • Organizational Setup
  • Services Required
  • End-users experience
  • Cost Expenses
  • Overall quality

Why do most businesses find ITSM an integral part of their organization?

The advantages of a streamlined ITSM is manifold. It benefits both the IT teams and the business in general.

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Is ITSM the right choice for you? How will it help you?

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ITSM is an integral part of the new normal offices. However, ITSM works with its full functionality only in an end-to-end manner People, processes, and technologically empowered tools need to be aligned optimally for ITSM to work effectively.

Lastly, to implement ITSM best practices that include the application of ITSM core processes, its important to partner with a good managed service provider, who will With the right partner like Power MyIT, your business can be empowered with the best tools, people, and practices to take full advantage of IT service management.

Is your ITSM in line with the current trends and your growing business?
Or is it time to change for the better!

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